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Krisis 39: Adventures of Dyosabelle part 4

Krisis 37: Adventures of Dyosabelle part 2

Krisis 38: Adventures of Dyosabelle part 3

Krisis 36: Adventures of Dyosabelle part 1

Krisis 35:Application Bloopers

Krisis 34:Hair Survey

Animé Overload Festival!

Me as Viren of Rumble Fish 2
Daisuki desu!
MJ?! This is it!!!
Cosplayers in line

Hello kids! Sorry for the hiatus, I was really busy and encountered a lot of problems lately which some are still not settled but I would try my best to keep you updated with the happening for the animé fans like me. As you know Animé Overload Festival was held on November 8, 2009 at the SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia. It was the first AOF, but since it has the same feel of the animé convention. And since there is cosplay, I came in cosplay also! This time I made a costume of a different character, Viren of Rumble Fish 2 (probably try to google it to compare the resemblance). So far that is the only contest I have joined. However this was also the first time I made a stage performance, I was nervous ... but its my first time so no regrets.
I apologize for the poor resolution of the pictures since I did not have my camera but my phone only. I hope to do better in the next conventions. Given the chance and if I still have the budget for it. Overall, it was good since the venue is spacious and give cosplayers and photographers a good angle for shooting. And again anticipation for next year is now lingering!

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Isang Anime Event na naman!
again mula sa kanilang facebook event!

Together with Brightside Events, Yours truly, Suspended Animation Media proudly imparts the coming of an electrifying fun of "Anime Over Festival" this November 8th, 2009 at SMX Convention Center (Beside MOA)

Be ready and Feel the thrill, as the coming of Anime Overload is near!

Suspended Animation Media is one of the Major Sponsors for this event, and we invite everyone to please come and support this adventure!


1. Videogame Challenge
Show your combo skills or button-mashing tricks on the hottest videogame as you work your way up to the Championship

2. Anime Karaoke Idol
Can you belt a tune singing your favorite J-Pop or J-Rock songs? You do? Then join this contest. If not, please do spare us.

3. Battle of the Bands
Do you have that rockstar attitude? Join this contest to prove that you are truly worthy.

4. Individual Cosplay Competition
Now's your chance to show the crowd your latest cosplay get-up. Enter the contest & let them judge.

5. Group Cosplay Competition
Are your group doing another serious drama skit or another kenkoy dance number? Or can your group do a new gimmick for your group performance? Then try to upstand other group cosplayers as you do your original performance piece.

6. Anime Music Video Competition
Got that handycam gathering dust in your cabinet? Shoot your own anime music video & show your directing skills.

7. Anime Dance Showdown

8. Anime Voice Comic Contest
Got a funny joke about anime? Can you imitate Naruto's voice? Make us laugh (or cry) with your punchlines while you imitate your favorite anime characters's voice.

9. Gyudon Eating Contest
Do you have the appetite to finish a bowl of gyudon meal in a few seconds? Join this contest & eat

10. Manga Drawing Contest
Bring out your pencils & coloring materials as you draw your original manga characters in this exciting contest. Oh dont forget to bring out your skills.

11. Maid’s Café
Fancy having a maid serve your meal while entertaining you with all their kawaii moves? Look no further, here's your chance.

12. Manga Cafe
Did you bring along your sketchbook & want to get away from the crowd to do some sketches while sipping your favorite drinks? Or maybe you just simply want to read a manga comic? Here's the perfect place to bring out your artwork while you unwind & read all your favorite manga.

Exhibitors Zone

Looking for an elusive anime toy? an event souvenir? or that hard to find anime cartoon that you've been yearning for years? Check out the exhibitor zone for all the hottest & coolest finds.

• Food
• Toys
• Clothing
• Communication
• Audio / Visual
• Talents
• Video/Online Games

For more inquiries, please visit:

In Addition,
Suspended Animation Media is once again on the lookout for new talents.

SAM is in urgent need of Digital Artists/Painters who want to have a successful career and would like to grow with our company.
We are a fast developing Game Art Studio, in San Pedro Laguna that offers a competitive pay and a superb working environment

Kindly drop by our booth for Portfolio Review.

Thank you and God bless!

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