Well it was really disappointing since they made the postponement a day before the event in which  is very rare for anime conventions. We know that there would be a lot of attendees who have prepared as well as the exhibitors. So far I have read their statement and maybe I can still give them a chance. But there were a lot of incidents of misinformation that would lead to a lot of speculations. Yes, anime events are very hard to organize but to postpone an event not because of weather, war, or martial law makes us think that there is some mismanagement. If they want to salvage the integrity of the event they must do the extra mile now. Also postponement will also be a hassle since most of the attendees will have school soon. I am also got getting the information i need from their website.  This is indeed a challenge, so its up to them to make that impression since this will be the first.

here is the GO KAISHO event statement.

To those who are supporting KAISHO and will continue to support us,
We officially and regretfully want to tell to everybody that the event entitled GO KAISHO which should be held on 08 May 2010 at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City will be POSTPONED from the mentioned date to June 2010.
The GO KAISHO Events Team never expect for some serious thing to happen within our way to our first big event that should gave our organization the recognition of being one of the oldest otaku organizations in the country. We saw and found many negative, derogatory and offensive statements regarding the event’s condition. Some of our team even found statements saying that our event is completely canceled making this a bad impression for our event and our team as well.
Please be clearly reminded that GO KAISHO is not canceled but rather it will be moved on a new date and possibly a new and more accessible venue. Please refrain from rumors and false statements regarding this event and please refrain from spreading those words.
GO KAISHO is an event with over 6 months in the making and serious planning for this even took 2 months alone. The events team is composed of young and active individuals who are willing to become a part in changing the landscape of otaku conventions. Our team is small enough that we are outnumbered by other event groups but passion to have a new breed of event make us still alive as a family.
We know that reading and learning this statement from us might gain sufficient disappointment which will be enough to have us our own hate page on Facebook. We, on our part, feel very sorry and disappointed due to the fact that we are also excited on this event we have made.
The selling of tickets is one idea we have decided to lessen the hassle of one possible attendee from falling in long lines to buy one ticket. The ticketing area is located on the Exhibition Hall’s entrance and not located near the building entrance where the Exhibition Hall is a part of the building and not the building itself. The lobby between two entrances were not paid and not part of the leasing package.
The events team is currently working on the five possible and merely more accessible venues. It’s the discretion of our team with regards to choosing the right venue for this event.
We are dearly expressing our sincerest apologies for everyone who are deeply affected with situation. Our team leader has encountered enough hardship to make the idea of this event that even his health has already affected even days before the supposedly date of this event.
We, the GO KAISHO Events Team, is open for your support and if you still believe on our organization and our event. We are not affected by rumors telling that our event is a total scam. Please let us have a chance to clean our names and make something up for everyone. Please do express your undying support for our team and our event if it is not asking too much. Your moral support will be a great help to raise up our spirits and make us stronger again despite the agony we have earned. Thank you very much for your kindness, consideration and understanding.
The GO KAISHO Events Team

 from http://gokaisho-event.com/gkevent/